New Members

Want to become a member?

Join us and see what we are all about! Fill out the form and send it to (you can also request the form in pdf-file by emailing Hikma). Many exciting events are coming up (movie, documentary, lecture, picnic…) Don´t miss them!

Registration form for membership of Hikma
Postal code:
Country of residence:
Phone number:
Date of birth:
Email address:
Phase of study: ☐ Master ☐ PhD ☐ Alumnus

Master programme (if applicible):

  • ☐ Middle Eastern Studies (one year programme)
  • ☐ Middle Eastern Studies (research master’s programme)
  • ☐ Theology and Religious Studies
  • ☐ Linguistics
  • ☐ Literary Studies
  • ☐ Classics and Ancient Civilisations
  • ☐ Other:

Interests in Middle Eastern, Near Eastern or Islamic Studies:
By signing this form you agree on paying the annual membership fee as decided by the general
assembly, which is currently €15,– per academic year, and €7,50 if you become member for
one semester only.

Please give this form to one of the members of the board or send it by post to:
Hikma study association
Leids Instituut voor Godsdienstwetenschappen
Postbus 9515
2300 RA Leiden
It is also possible to put this form in the mailbox of the association, in Matthias de Vrieshof 1.


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