Who are we?

Hikma is a newly established (2011) study association at Leiden University intended for all master and PhD students working on Middle Eastern, Near Eastern, and Islamic studies. Membership is open for all students in the master and PhD programmes of Middle Eastern Studies and Religious Studies. Students from other disciplines (e.g. social sciences) working on the Middle East are also invited to join. The study association intends to offer an addition to the study programme, providing lectures, informal peer review sessions and a online blog in which students can publish their work

The association thematically covers different areas of study – Middle and Near East, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Jewish studies as well as Islamic studies in its broader sense.

The main aims of the association are:
1. critical thinking and reflecting upon the social and broader-related questions and phenomena in the fields of our studies
2. producing alternative approaches in understanding the sociopolitical-religious-cultural layers of areas and theories involved
3. questioning specific fields of establishments themselves and encouraging students to actively contribute in the domain of their own studies
4. binding knowledge of our own fields of study among ourselves and beyond in order to gain multidisciplinary approach in addressing social phenomena
5. alerting upon the marginalized topics, groups and including them in the mainstream
6. organizing peer review sessions
7. publishing magazine/articles/reviews etc. online and publishing twice a year a magazine with peer-reviewed articles by members of the group
8. organizing academic events e.g. lectures, presentations, public plenums, meetings etc.
9. organizing social events e.g. movie nights with discussions, dinners, excursions etc.
10. co-organizing above-mentioned events and cooperating with other domestic and international study associations

Your Board
Sami Al-Daghistani (President)
Brigitte Van de Pas (vice-President)
Tijmen Baarda (Secretary)
Kevin Klerx (Treasurer)
Eftychia Milona (PR/Extern relations)
Hayat Ahlili (Web-editor)

Hikma blog: https://hikmaleiden.wordpress.com/

Hikma email: hikmaleiden@gmail.com


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