Hikma is running its 3rd semester!


Dear members, professors, students, friends,

It is my pleasure to announce that the graduate Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Association Hikma is successfully running its third semester.
Since some fresh energy has entered the board, allow me to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the first board members Tijmen Baarda, Arnout van Ree, Inmaculada Macias Alonso, Pavel Stoyanov, Eftychia Mylona, Hayat Ahlili, Brigitte van de Pas, and Vakhtang Karamyan, with whom we literary started from scratch and despite that managed to realize something that was at that time only echoing in our minds – a graduate study association. 

During the first semester of 2011 there was only the enduring idea and the necessity to create the graduate association in the midst of the hollow reality, and yet due to our strivings and determination to bind and overcome the association came to being.
Since the inauguration of Hikma we invited many students to become members and succeeded to organize numerous events: a lecture on the Palestinian uprising with dr. Nalbantian; a Persian movie night with dr. Gabrielle van den Berg; the visit of the Volkenkunde museum with dr. Luit Mols; the Oriental lunch; the Photo exhibition of the Islamic world; a barbecue in cooperation with other associations; a Palestinian movie night; a lecture and discussion by prof. dr. Frishman on the Israeli activist Yael Bartana; a lecture by dr. Jan Schmidt on 400 years of Dutch-Turkish relations; monthly social gatherings in De Koets; the Bosnian movie night “The Love of Books: A Sarajevo Story”; the visit of the Near Eastern department of the Museum of Antiquities, and more exciting events are to come this year, just to give you a hint – more interesting lectures, events related to the war in Iraq, a study excursion and many other tempting activities.
As a graduate association we have managed to establish a platform where various study environments, diverse affiliations as well as personal backgrounds interrelate. we are also looking forward to create more academic as well as social opportunities in the near future in order to uphold and nurture this positive mood.

With the hope to continue pursuing the abovementioned further I am sending you warmest regards and looking forward to seeing you at our future events,


On behalf of the board,

President of Hikma,
Sami Al-Daghistani

Website: https://hikmaleiden.wordpress.com/
Email: hikmaleiden@gmail.com
FB group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/160786274002455/

Postal address:
Leiden Institute for Religious Studies

2300 RA Leiden
Postbus 9515
The Netherlands


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